Vital Things To Know About HCG Allowed Food

By Angela Turner
The HCG diet is currently taking the world by storm. At first glance, this seems like a very rigorous program and one that takes an incredible amount of willpower. In reality, however, there is a lot of HCG allowed food that dieters can munch on, even as they continue to drop incredible amounts of weight. It is important to note, however, that planning is actually very important to this process. Following is everything you need to know before getting started with this popular fat loss plan.

One of the top reasons why so many people are able to succeed on this diet is the fact that they receive routine injections of a specific pregnancy hormone that is capable of both curbing their appetites and expediting the functioning of their metabolisms. This makes it possible for people to comfortably cut their calories even as their bodies burn more fats. This diminishes the need to have a lot of willpower. Daily injections keep hunger pangs at bay so that reducing food portions becomes far less difficult.

During the most stringent days of this plan, you will not be able to consume more than 500 calories for the entire day. This is a drastic cut from the required amount of calories that people are supposed to consume. Even on a very stringent diet, people are often encouraged to eat at least 1,200 calories.

There is one obvious issue that arises from this type of restrictive dieting and this is that it can be very hard to get enough of the right nutrients when consuming such tiny portions. This is certainly the case for protein. A lot of foods that contain high amounts of protein are also high in both fats and overall calories. This means that if you use these foods to meet your daily requirements for protein, you will likely consume more calories than the diet actually allows.

This is what makes it so essential to carefully plan your meals. On days when calories are heavily restricted, it is vital to carefully choose your meals. This will make it possible to follow the restrictive calorie guidelines without actually depriving yourself of essential nutrients.

Protein is huge concern when implementing diets like this one. This is because insufficient amounts of protein can lead to a problem known as muscle wasting. When this occurs, the body will start turning to its own muscles for energy, thereby decreasing the amount of lean muscle mass that dieters possess.

To overcome this problem, it is only necessary to look at the dietary habits of strict vegans. These individuals do not eat any fatty animal products, and yet they are still able to get adequate amounts of protein. Best of all, many people are able to obtain sufficient amounts of this and other essential nutrients without supplementation.

One very easy way to mimic this successful practice is by consuming large quantities of leafy greens. Green vegetables possess a rich array of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and health-supporting antioxidants. They are also amazing sources of protein that remain low in fat and calories. You should know, however that all proteins that are plant-based are incomplete, and thus, you must be able to strategically pair them to compensate for this known deficiency.

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Vital Things To Know About HCG Allowed Food

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