Are Athletes Doping When They Take Deer Antler Velvet Supplements

By Marie Robinson
Supplements made from deer horn velvet are today accepted as a whole some food by a number of people because of the health benefits it can offer. Recommendations to use supplement like these are even made by physicians and orthopedic surgeons. They are useful in helping people who could be suffering from illnesses like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The deer antler velvet supplements can provide relief from the stiffness and pain which people with such conditions face.

In 2007, the USA Today reported, “Federal authorities announced the largest crackdown on illegal steroids in the nation’s history, arresting more than 120 people and raiding dozens of labs that manufactured growth hormone for sale on the black market.” Since the big crackdown from the federal government on steroids and other illegal substances, individuals and companies have made a big push away from the practices.

Elk horn supplement have been used for nearly 2000 years. The first instance of the use was recorded in China when herbalists used the Velvet to prepare medications and treat people with different illnesses. It is not known whether the Chinese used humane methods when extracting the Velvet from the Antler. Things are different now because modern science has devised ways to get the raw material it needs without harming the animal.

With the world anti-doping agency becoming even more stringent than before athletes had to look for alternatives that could provide them all the benefits without the fear of being embarrassed. It is for this reason that they have chosen to use deer antler velvet supplements, which have been defined, as natural.

They were earlier considered as a performance enhancer, and some sporting federations had even banned the product. The instance of a world-famous golfer being victimized is one after the biggest examples that can be spoken about. Athletes have today realized that they would have to be extra careful or face embarrassments that are today heaped on two Olympic champions.

Research has shown one of the big benefits from this supplement is it can help repair cartilage and heal tendon injuries which makes it so attractive to athletes such as bodybuilders, football players, and many other athletes alike.

Supplement of deer antler can provide them with all the benefits that are required to work normally without feeling any effects of the product or the fear of getting caught. People working in such activities need a product, which can help them, gain and maintain lean muscle. There should also be free from joint pain and recover from injuries to these areas.

The profession that they work in requires them to recover fast after a strenuous session of training. These are factors, which cannot be overlooked by athletes. At the same time, they cannot depend on steroids or drugs to achieve the results they want. It is this realization that as prompted these people to use supplement made from elk horn velvet.

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Are Athletes Doping When They Take Deer Antler Velvet Supplements

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