Steps To Ensure Insulin Resistance Reversal

By Nancy Gibson
Most people take it that when the level of blood sugar is reduced this is a solution to diabetics and that it should be what people aim at achieving in the battle. This is not the case because it is but just a symptom that has resulted from insulin resulting from refined carbohydrates. Insulin resistance reversal can be achieved by consuming diet that is has the effect of balanced blood sugar.

Individuals who consume fruits, foods that are rich in fiber, vegetables and low levels of sugars and flours have the risks of inflammation reduced and the liver is able to detoxify which is huge in a healthy living in the fight with diabetes. Soy products, beans, seeds, nuts, and olive oil are significant because they too have similar effects in the livelihood of people because metabolism is improved.

It is very necessary to have a control on the glycemic load in every meal you take and do not take in the meals with quickly absorbed carbohydrates only since they will eventually raise your insulin levels. The most recommended meals are organic produce and even the animal products, very high quality protein, three omega eggs every week, cornucopia of the fresh vegetables and fruits, berries, cherries, foods rich in antioxidants and herbs such as ginger to season your food.

The first strategy to reverse this condition is by stopping the habit of eating dessert. High doses of fructose can significantly impair the sensitivity to insulin, more than even any other particular food. Therefore, eating dessert contributes more to resistance, as compared to other foods. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid foods such as cakes, sweetened yoghurts, fruit juices, agave, honey, dried fruits, and other suchlike edibles.

When taking the fruits it is a good pick if you have peaches, berries, plums, cherries, pears and apples because they do not contain lots of sugars. Kiwifruits, melons, grapes and cantaloupes are appropriate though they contain a little more sugar than the others. To avoid inflammatory foods then red grapes, fish that contain omega three fats and green vegetables will serve.

There are medications that are very essential and although they have their effects their advantages outshine them. The biguanides, thiazolidenedione and the alphaglucisidase inhibitors are the most common. Other odder once include glyburide, glimepiride and glipizide. Though they are used they just reduce the effect in the short term but latter on the will worsen the situation.

Stress and depressions would also contribute significantly to imbalance of the blood sugar as they lead to weight gain, resistance to insulin, inflammation increase and eventually lead to diabetes. Engagement in certain healthy practices is important to avoid these challenges. For instance one could practice yoga, go to the gym, meditate, go for massage or guided imagery when feeling stressed out.

The practice of consuming more of fats and carbs that take longer time to burn is of great help, these are mostly found in egg yolks, olive oil, ghee, butter, avocado among others are in the category of fats while for the carbs that take long to burn we have sweet potatoes, pumpkins, yams, lentils and wild rice.

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Steps To Ensure Insulin Resistance Reversal

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