Basic Information About Gynecologist And When Visiting Them

By Ann McDonald
Gynecology is a medical practice with dealing the health of reproductive systems for female like the vagina, breasts, ovaries and uterus. Its male counterpart is known as andrology. Most modern gynecologist are also obstetricians which is the field dealing with childbirth, pregnancy and postpartum. These two fields overlap usually in many areas which were combined as OB/GYN surgical field.

Going to these professionals means you are taking responsibility with your body to know how to take care of it better. You can look for clinics or hospitals with a Reno gynecologist and have yourself checked and determine the healthiness of your reproductive systems. Here are several things to learn about them and what they could do.

Reasons to see the gynecologist include their capability of helping you learn and understand the proper ways to take care of the body. They will help in determining what your body considers as normal because everyone has their own and knowing them makes you notice the changes. These can be signs of vaginal infections and other problems.

Visiting these doctors also allows them to find problems earlier and have them treated immediately to prevent it from becoming worse. Normal vaginal discharge would be explained to you and teach you to determine the signs of problems while having this. They can let you know too the ways in protecting yourself during sex if ever you will do it.

You might be wondering when you should start going to the gynecologist and most organizations in health and medical field recommend the ages thirteen to fifteen. If unable to do so at these ages then be sure in visiting them if you start to experience the following things. First is having sex already, either oral, vaginal or anal or any intimate sexual contact.

When you do not have a regular period which means that you get during irregular times instead of the usual dates that must be similar every month. It would be problematic also if they occur more than a single time withing the month or it was three months ago since your last one. This includes not having one after doing sex at times.

Visit them also when you are already aged fifteen or your breasts began to grow since three years ago and did not get your period yet. Your periods are problematic whenever you experienced great pain, longer bleeding or heavily doing so. But the most important symptoms to look out for is when there is fever, stomach pain and fluid coming out with strong smell because these may indicate pelvic inflammatory disease.

The gynecologist will be asking questions during your visit to know more about you, your family and your medical history. You might ask them questions also related with reproductive health which you may have. Inform them if you are also sexually active so they can do some tests n finding out if you are infected with sexually transmitted disease.

Like most doctors, they would do normal routine check ups like measuring weight, blood pressure and height. They may do breast exams as well as check your genitals. They may perform other tests if they ever need it.

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Basic Information About Gynecologist And When Visiting Them

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