Some Natural Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs That Work

By John Martin
Arthritis in canines is actually very common as the joints of canines tend to degenerate quite quickly. However, the catch here is that this condition mostly has a lot to do with diet, as what most people are not very aware of. This is why it is important to take note of natural arthritis pain relief for dogs methods instead of always looking for medical drugs to deal with this type of condition.

Firstly, one has to know if his dog has or is prone to the condition known as the leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome is an illness wherein a dog would have holes in its gut which would allow unwanted substances like toxins and other things enter the gut. In order to fix this type of issue, one will have to go back to the basics and try to fix the diet of his dog by changing what his dog eats.

Now, usually the main causes of leaky gut syndrome would be processed food, over vaccination of the canine, and of course, medical drugs. All these three factors would contribute to why a lot of canines have the dreaded leaky gut syndrome. If one would be able to prevent and even cure leaky gut syndrome, the chances of contracting arthritis could lessen.

One other thing that has to be factored into the diet of the canine would be fat. Now, fat cannot be taken away from the diet of a dog because these animals actually need the right amount of fat to be healthy. This is why it is very important to know which fats are supposed to be consumed by the canines.

Now, one cannot just keep on feeding his dog any kind of fat that he would find in his kitchen. The two most important fats that the owner must take into consideration when taking into account the diet of his dog would be omega three and omega six fats. If one would give his dog the right amount of each fat, it is actually possible to help prevent the chances of his pet getting leaky gut syndrome.

Lastly, one will have to give more antioxidants to his canine friend. The great thing about antioxidants is that it can help fight off cancer causing cells known as the free radical. Free radicals are actually one of the primary causes of arthritis because free radicals can degenerate cells in the body which would include the cells forming the joints, the muscles, and the tissues.

With antioxidants, it is possible to be able to get rid of these free radicals. Some of the best antioxidant abundant foods would come from berries like cranberries and herbs like turmeric and oregano. Add these to the diet of a dog and free radicals can be killed.

For those who have dogs, always take note of these natural methods in the event that his canine may actually develop degenerating tissues and joints. Arthritis is extremely common in canines which means that one will really have to watch out for it. Take note of these methods in order to prevent this condition from overtaking the body of a canine pet so that one will not need to spend too much on medicines that may do more harm to his pet in the future anyway because of the side effects.

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Some Natural Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs That Work

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