Discover The Best Exercises From Disability Strengthening Videos

By Jose Stevens
Men and women who have survived life threatening accidents or diseases often live to live another day. However, when they go home, it does not necessarily mean they are a hundred percent ok. Sometimes, even after recovery they are still unable to do certain tasks or are forever disabled as a result of their injuries. Due to this, their actions and activities become limited to ensure their health and safety.

Luckily, there are therapy sessions and other activities they can do to help improve their motor skills and achieve a full recovery. One of these ways is by regularly following the tips found in Disability Strengthening Videos. These videos are highly convenient because they no longer have to leave home, plus they allow the person to pick and select the best one that will suit them. Listed below are the top exercises they can try at home.

The legs and feet are probably two of the most affected parts of the human body once a person becomes immobilized. When they are not used for a long period of time, they will basically turn to jelly and will be hard to wake up again. A basic activity to try out is resting the hands on the arm rest, and slowly lowering the lower torso to the ground. After which, the person must get back up on the seat again.

Another body part that needs strengthening is the arm, which can be achieved through seated tricep dips. The beginning position is just like the first exercise, only this time the man or woman needs to lower their bodies to the floor. Once more, they should be able to get back up again. People who are using wheelchairs can greatly benefit from this.

The muscle which surrounds the hips, which allows an individual to bend in various angles is called the hip flexors. In order to increase flexibility and increase the chances of bending, one can try bending each leg at a time and raising it to the highest point possible. Take note, this should be done alternately.

Eventually, a disabled individual can gather up enough strength and determination to learn how to walk again. A basic exercise they should begin with is sitting down, and then pulling them up to a standing position to walk a few steps. This will allow them to have control of their lower body, and will also wake up any sleeping muscles that have become used to immobility.

Reverse crunches are done in order to exercise the abdominal portion of a body. This is done by sitting down and bending the knees to a 90 degree angle. Then, slowly lower the entire body to the surface of the floor. This should be done a few times a day to strengthen the core.

Shoulder muscles are needed so that a man or woman can carry heavy objects above their heads. This is possible even for disabled persons, through viewing and following a video that teaches the seated shoulder press. Take note though, this requires weights to conduct.

All in all, stated above are the most useful exercises found in strengthening videos. By doing these exercises regularly, a disabled person can slowly build up their strength and move again on their own. However, one must also have the determination, perseverance, and hours of hard work to do so.

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Discover The Best Exercises From Disability Strengthening Videos

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