Reasons As To Why Consumers Should Eat Sustainable Fish

By Sarah Cole
Fish is a delicacy enjoyed all over the world due to the rich source of nutrients such as proteins. The demand for sea food has been on the rise in a bid to cater for the ever growing human population. To meet the dietary need of the rising population, fishing methods that catch large quantities have been prioritized. This article is meant to inform people why they should only eat sustainable fish that are in plenty of supply and avoid endangered species.

Over two-thirds of fishes, produce is from our oceans and seas. Many people believe that these ecosystems cannot be exhausted due to its abundant supply all over the world. However, not all marine species are doing well. Changes in climatic conditions, as well as harmful fishing practices, have made some fishes almost extinct.

The sustainable seafood movement first began in the late twentieth century where fisheries observed that certain species of fishes were dwindling in numbers. In a bid to counter this problem, some regulations governing the methods of fishing have been enacted to limit damaging fishing techniques. With these policies in place, ocean and freshwater ecosystems can replenish in time to evade extinction.

The sensitization program begins by approaching local fishermen to enlighten them on the challenges posed by each form of fishing. Techniques such as seining and trawling are discouraged due to the damage they cause to the ocean floor where crabs, lobsters, and other crustaceans breed. Species such as salmon, cod, and tuna are examples of fishes whose numbers have been dwindling over the years.

Consumers are encouraged to purchase products from fishes farms and private aquariums. This is because such environments do not pose the risk of extinction to natural species. The fishes are properly fed and breed regularly, to meet the growing market demand. Marine authorities encourage this practice and offer assistance to those who engage in the commercial production.

Marine conservation societies have also embarked on sensitizing the general populations on which types are sustainable and which ones to avoid. This is done by assigning a sustainability rating to the assist consumers choose which type of sea product to consume. For example, a score of one could mean the product is abundant at sea, and five means it is an endangered species that should be avoided. This move enables consumers to be aware and mindful of the need to preserve our ecosystems.

As a consumer, you can also take it upon yourself to ensure you shop for the right product. Only buy our products from licensed fishes vendors who understand the need for conservation of fishes reserves. Take the initiative to download a comprehensive fishes guide from any marine society. This is important because it enables you to make informed decisions.

Fishes vendors and outlets can also play a part in the sanitization program. Eco labeling is a modern feature where all product information is offered to the consumer to make shopping easier. The labels indicate whether the fishes is wild caught or reared from commercial fishes farms. Vendors should shun selling vulnerable species to their customers. The article highlights the key reasons why you should take fishes.

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Reasons As To Why Consumers Should Eat Sustainable Fish

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