Effective Natural Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs

By Linda Barnes
Like humans, dogs suffer from arthritis. In the past, most people used to believe that the disorders were as a result of poor diet. This is not true. Your dog can still develop such complications even after feeding it with a balanced diet. One of the leading causes of joint pain in pets is chronic, low-grade inflammation. This, in turn, leads to the production of more proteins which cause damage to the joints creating a cascade of chronic, low-grade inflammation. Though there are medications which can be purchased from the local shops, these drugs cause adverse side effect to you dog and are not recommended. This is where natural arthritis pain relief for dogs comes in.

Vitamin C is known for its amazing natural benefits it offers to the bones. The vitamin is the one that helps promote healthy bone. Since arthritis results due to deterioration of the cartilage of the joint, supplementing your dog with vitamin C will contribute to making the bones stronger and aid in the recovery process.

While feeding your pet with a balanced diet is highly advocated, excessive weight gain can lead to excessive suffering. Also, statistics have shown that overweight pets have high chances of suffering from arthritis. Ensuring that your animal has done regular exercises is one of the natural ways to deal with the condition. Whether arthritic or not, exercise is healthy for your dog. Using underwater treadmills or swimming are some of the practices which are recommended for dogs.

Herbs are also known to offer relief from arthritis. Chinese herbs are one of the well-known herbs which offer substantial benefits to dogs. Selecting these herbs sometimes can be a challenge especially when you do not have any veterinary background. To get help on the best and useful herb for your dog, consider talking to your veterinary.

Massage is another natural remedy for pain relief. If you suspect that your pet is suffering from joint pain, chiropractic adjustments and massage can do well to your pet. Massage helps relax the muscles around the joints and reduce inflammation while chiropractic adjustments lower back pains.

When managing chronic pain Fever-few is known to be an excellent remedy for migraines and arthritis sufferers. Feverfew is best used in tea. To prepare the solution, take quarter or half tablespoon for every 20lb of your dogs weight. For best results, ensure that your dog takes the remedy twice daily.

To prepare a licorice remedy, take one tablespoon of licorice root and mix it with a cup of water. Put the mixture to boils for some few minutes then leave it for some other few minutes. When giving your dog licorice tea ensure that you do it three times a day or optimal results. Licorice is not suitable for pregnant, nursing or diabetic dogs. The herb is not recommended to be used for more than two weeks. Consider talking to your veterinary for examination of any of the above complications before using the herb.

Some of these natural arthritis pain reliefs for dogs may not work well for chronic conditions. Though they are known to offer pain relieving properties, some of them may not apply for nursing, pregnant or diabetic dogs. Always take caution and discontinue the remedy in case your dog responds negatively to the treatment.

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Effective Natural Arthritis Pain Relief For Dogs

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