Understanding The Macular Degeneration And How Macular Supplements Can Help

By Ryan Watson
Age-related macular degeneration (MD), also referred to as AMD, is a form of vision loss and affects the macula part of the eye or eyes. It is the leading cause of blindness and severe vision loss in most western countries. Usually affecting people aged 65 or above, this is a more serious eye condition than some other complaints and eye conditions. But with macular supplements, the patients have somewhere to get help.

ARMD sometimes begins with a build-up of cellular waste products in the cone cells called drusen. Also, there may be a change in the amount of pigmentation in the cell (like the “age-spots” on our skin with aging). This is referred to as “Dry ARMD”. Over time vision slowly worsens and over many years may lead to significant vision problems.

One of the main causes of losing eyesight is macular degeneration (MD). It can affect people of all ages. Still, most of the people who are affected by this condition are those who are already about fifty to sixty years of age. Some lose sight because of having diabetic retinopathy and seek various treatments including laser eye procedures and other methods. In this article, the focus will be given on how to prevent and treat MD and save the eyesight.

Signs of MD begin with yellow deposits developing in the central area of the retina. The technical term for this area is the drusen. It is advised after the age of 50 to get your eyes checked at least twice a year due to the fact that MD strikes many people with good vision. Having good eyesight is no indicator that you will not develop the disease.

Preventive measures such as eye supplements like lutein and vitamin K are recommended by medical experts for better eye health. Are you at a healthy weight? Is your blood pressure at a consistent, normal level? If you have high blood pressure or are obese, the risk of developing this disease rises. Try to exercise three times per week and cut down on fatty foods. If you smoke, quit.

A person’s skin, hair, and eyes contain melanin, which offers protection against harmful rays. While many researchers have gathered data on the topic, no concrete conclusions have linked exposure to the sun with this eye condition. However, it is a proven fact that melanin decreases with age, putting people at higher risk of ultraviolet light damage. Wear UV sunglasses as you age to make up for your body’s decreased melanin and keep your eyes protected.

Preventing the symptoms of MD could be as easy as taking an antioxidant supplement. Antioxidants are those substances like vitamins, which work to combat the negative effects of free radicals such as those found in air pollution. Examples of antioxidants are Vitamins A, C, and E.

Age-Related MD treatments also include experimental surgical procedures. New surgeries are being tried in an attempt to remove abnormal blood vessels in the eye. Other surgical techniques are directed at the abnormal blood vessels which are located right in the center of the macular.

The best plan of action is to speak to your doctor about which one is going to be best for you. MD needs to be taken seriously and acted upon, but thankfully it can be treated, although sight lost through wet MD cannot be regained.

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Understanding The Macular Degeneration And How Macular Supplements Can Help

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