Understanding The ARMD And How Macular Degeneration Vitamins Can Help

By Donna Fox
Wet macular degeneration is more severe, but can be treated. Blood vessels develop up the choroid behind the retina causing a thickening, which can also cause a detachment of the retina. Wet MD can lead to scarring, which may cause irreversible damage to the area. The good news is that wet MD can be treated with laser therapy and medication that will stop the degeneration if detected in time. In some cases, it may even reverse any damage to vision. Again, this will all depend on early detection of the disease. At this stage, supplements rich in the macular degeneration vitamins can help improve the condition.

There are two types of MD and are called the “wet” variety and the “dry” variety of the disease. The dry MD is due to an accumulation of debris that develops between the retina and the choroid, causing blockage, which in some cases can cause the retina to become detached. Unfortunately, there is currently no medical or surgical treatment for dry macular degeneration (AMD).

This condition is slow moving and affects one eye first then the other one later. It can take several years before an individual may notice that they are suffering from the condition and by the time that they do notice it, it might be too late already. This is why it is important for everyone to take very good care of vision health and undergo regular checks.

Wet MD, is an advanced stage in which blood vessels grow beneath the retina, leaking their contents and causing irreversible harm to parts of the eye. To prevent both dry and wet MD, a preemptive approach is necessary.

Aside from taking a good and nutritious diet, MD can also be prevented by a nonsurgical treatment called Micro Current Stimulation, which generally improves the health of the macula. Using low vision aids will also protect the overall vision of a person and keeping a healthy lifestyle that will not make the eye suffer. If it is possible to read books or newspapers only in good lighting, individuals must do so.

The main thing to remember with any eye complaint is that treatment should be sought fast, as the quicker you get diagnosed, the more effective the treatment can be and the less suffering you have to experience.Improving your diet is one option. Essential nutrients and vitamins can benefit your eye sight. Another great thing you can do is quit smoking, and you can protect yourself from the sun light as much as possible.

MD is a difficult eye condition to contend with, but certainly not impossible. Many people are coping with this condition every day, and they are leading normal lives. So, the condition does not need to be a deterrent to doing the things that people enjoy in life. If you or someone you love is dealing with this condition, they can rest assured that there is indeed hope for those who have to develop MD.

Some new studies indicate that there are certain vitamins that work for some people in preventing loss of vision. These vitamins are C, E, zinc, beta-carotene and copper. It is important to take these vitamins under the supervision of a doctor because some people may not be able to tolerate large doses of certain vitamins.

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Understanding The ARMD And How Macular Degeneration Vitamins Can Help

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