N – Nutrition: What Not to Eat

Nutrition is the first link in the Health Chain – NEW START. There are so many aspects to the subject of Nutrition. This article is going to lay out the basics as to

I believe in trying to make things as clear and simple as possible, and I believe that God cares just as much about the health of our bodies as He does the health of our souls, and that He’s made it very clear in the Bible what we should eat. After all, He created us, and as the Designer of our bodies, surely He would tell us how to best take care of them. You never buy anything of good quality that doesn’t come with an Owner’s Manual, right? Likewise God has given us clear instructions in His Word as to how we should take care of our health.
I’m a firm believer that the VEGANDIET is the healthiest diet… afterall, that is the diet that God gave us when He created us. The Bible tells us that when God created us, our diet consisted of Fruits, Grains & Nuts.
But then, after sin came into the world, He modified the diet, and vegetables were added. “Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field.” Genesis 3:18. Vegetables have properties in them that were not needed before sin… But sin changed things… Everyone knows how carrot juice and beets and broccoli help people with cancer…
Meat was not added until AFTER the Flood ~Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. Genesis 9:3. And then in Leviticus Chapter 11, God made a distinction between which meats were permitted to eat and which were not, clearly explaining the CLEAN & UNCLEAN meats. In order for a mammal to be considered clean, it MUST chew the cud and have a split hoof. In order for a fish to be considered clean, it MUST have fins and scales.
When we get to Heaven, our diet is going to go back to the diet that God created for us, in the beginning, a VEGAN diet. Nothing will ever die in Heaven, so there will never be any dead animals to eat. Doesn’t it make sense that we should, as much as possible work towards the VEGAN diet NOW? Surely God knows what is best for us.
Common Sense should tell us that dairy products should not be eaten. What other mammal on the face of the planet drinks milk from any other mammal than its own species? Baby cows drink milk from Mama cows… Baby horses drink milk from Mama horses… and likewise Baby humans should drink milk from Mama humans.

 Cows milk is designed to make a baby cow grow hundreds of pounds… (and you wonder why humans have such an obesity problem???) And if you knew all the drugs that are pumped into the animals, that end up in your meat and dairy products, you would be astounded! They even put antibiotics in the eggs of ORGANIC chickens! http://ift.tt/1m4kK4A  

  Have you ever wondered when you get sick and go to the Doctor and he gives you an anti-biotic, why it doesn’t work? It’s because you have already consumed so many anti-biotics through the meat and dairy you have eaten, that your body is immune to the drugs now. And cheese! Don’t get me started on cheese! Cheese is not fit for human consumption!

 The poorest quality milks are used to make the “best” cheeses, because the HIGH bacteria count is what gives cheese it’s wonderful flavor… and poor quality milk contains the most bacteria! Cheese is veryCONSTIPATING, causes tons of allergies, literally rots in your gut. There are some delicious non-dairy cheeses that have none of the negative factors contained in dairy cheese. You should try them for yourself.
There is an old saying, “The whiter the bread, the sooner you are dead.” There is a lot of truth in that. Refined, white flour, has little nutrition, little fiber and brings with it lots of health problems, the BIG one being constipation. I NEVER purchase anything with white, refined flour, I use ONLY whole-grain flour. Actually, I have a grinder, and I grind my own flour from whole grains. It is so good! I make all my own bread, cookies, cakes, etc.
Did you know that whiteSUGAR is “food for cancer”? I don’t have any whiteSUGAR in my house. I use raw honey (I have my own hives) and I use fructose from corn. Sugar destroys white blood cells that fight off whatever is attacking your immune-system. If your white blood cells are not up to par, you WILL get sick, it’s just a matter of time.
I don’t suggest you take all the unhealthy things out of your diet at once. You might not know what to eat! You might get very discouraged and give up. You should make it a rule that for ever item you remove, you find a healthy, good tasting replacement, so that you won’t feel as though you are “giving up” everything good.

 Set goals, like, “This month, I’m going to replace all the white flour in my diet, next month, I’m going to replace the refined sugars in my diet… ” etc. Be patient, move steadily forward, continue educating yourself, because one thing I’ve found is that if a person doesn’t have some really strong convictions, they will have a very hard time sticking with new resolutions. I wish you the BEST!
Please feel free to call me with yourHEALTH CONCERNS for a free consultation. I am a Christian Master Herbalist, and I love to help people regain and maintain their health through Natural Remedies, Herbs & Vitamins, without the use of drugs.

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N – Nutrition: What Not to Eat

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