Top 10 Foods That Deliver The Most Nutrition For Your Grocery Purchasing Dollar

You will have noticed that healthy eating is often at the top of the agenda in newspapers, television programs, and even in government publications.

 This is because, in our consumer society, fast foods, fatty foods and overconsumption of these are causing real problems as far as the health of whole nations is concerned. Most people would surely prefer to eat more healthily, but there is concern among many that healthy food is expensive.

 The good news is that this is not so. It can be cheaper to make a healthy meal for one person or a whole family as it would be to take everyone to a fast food outlet. Take a look here at the great variety of cheap butHEALTHY FOODS available in most supermarkets.
· Brown rice
Brown rice is delicious! While many people are adamant that they prefer white rice it can only be that they haven’t given brown rice a proper chance.

 Its texture is so much more enjoyable and it is very filling. Try it with your favourite curry or chilli made with fresh or frozen vegetables, or perhaps in a rice salad.
· Brown pasta
For this, see the above! Once you’ve tried it there’s no going back to white pasta. Brown pasta is full of fibre and protein and is great with your signature pasta sauce.
· Canned tomatoes
Surely this must be one of the most versatile ingredients in any store cupboard. Canned tomatoes can be used as a base for the aforementioned curry or chilli.

 It thickens nicely and is aNATURAL partner for onions and garlic. Great with toast and eggs for breakfast too!
· Greek yogurt (0% fat)
What can you not do with Greek yogurt? It’s great for dips or spooning over your homemade chilli. Try a spoonful in your omelette or scrambled eggs.

 For those with a sweet tooth, mix a little zero calorie sweetener into it and serve over fresh fruit. No calorie cream! Buy own label supermarket brands for optimum savings.
· Frozen vegetables
Don’t let anyone tell you that frozen veg is not as good for you as fresh. The frozen variety is packed as soon as it is picked and therefore retains all itsNATURAL vitamins.

 Packs of frozen veg are so economical (again, supermarket own brands are generally cheaper), as you only use as much as you need at any one time.
· Canned tuna
Although pregnant women and children are advised to limit their consumption of canned tuna because of its mercury content it is still great for the rest of us. In pasta sauce, tuna salad, in a sandwich and in many other recipes it is an economicalINGREDIENT.
· Fresh fruit
Stick to the old favourites, like apples oranges, pears and bananas toSAVE MONEY, but treat yourself when other fruits are in season, as that is when they are less expensive.
· Garlic
Not only a brilliant flavouring, but full ofANTIOXIDANTS too!
Well, it’s good for you, and cheap!
· Lentils
Delicious in homemade soup, lentils can also be added to stews and casseroles.
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Top 10 Foods That Deliver The Most Nutrition For Your Grocery Purchasing Dollar

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