Mindfulness Is the Key to Tuning Into Our Body

To eat naturally we need to be able to tune into our body’s natural instincts. That means really listening to our body so we can hear what it is telling us. This then enables us to eat only for the physical need when we are actually hungry.

However, what I have found is that a number of my clients struggle to listen to their body because there is too much negativity or “chatter” going on in their heads. This can be for a number of reasons such as:

· past experiences

· other people’s ideas/opinions/comments

· they don’t trust themselves

· they aren’t quiet for long enough to hear.

· they’ve got into negative habits over time.

The two ways I have found to be successful in counteracting this negativity are:

1. Affirmations

2. Meditation

With affirmations we are replacing negative thoughts with positive statements. When they are repeated often enough, we begin to believe them and take positive action. Great affirmations are those that start with “I am… ” This tells the brain you are actually doing what you are saying which is far more effective than “I will… ” or “I want to… “, which may never happen. It is important to say these regularly so they become a positive habit. Start first thing in the morning on wakening and finish with them as you go to sleep. These are also great cues to remind you to do it. I also encourage you to observe some of your thoughts throughout the day. If they are negative use one of your positive affirmations to change your thinking in that moment.

Mindfulness practice or meditation enables you to direct your attention to the present moment. My experience over time is that I am calmer and when I need to make a decision under stress a “pause” appears to enable me to think about what I am doing instead of automatically reacting habitually or negatively. A lot of us have got in the habit of eating for emotional reasons such as stress. If we are calmer we can make a different choice.

Mindfulness is the absolute key to listening to our body. We are able to ask ourselves in any given moment “What do I actually need?” Often it is not food at all. We may simply be tired or thirsty or require some stimulation or movement. Being mindful enables us to make the appropriate choice in the moment instead of automatically going into default mode such as eating under stress.

Prior to discovering Natural Eating in 1996, I’d had food and weight related issues for over 20 years. Through combining Natural Eating with Personal Development, I have maintained a healthy and natural weight ever since. I now run my own business, Nourish ‘N Nurture, teaching people how to develop a healthy relationship with food. For a FREE copy of my e-book entitled “Empower yourself by eating what you want” please click the following link http://ift.tt/1O8f9FW

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Mindfulness Is the Key to Tuning Into Our Body

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