Personal Trainer – Importance of Setting Goals

Personal Trainer – Importance of Setting Goals


After becoming a personal trainer, you need to have a plan in
mind of how you intend to build your client base. People hire personal
because they want to attain a particular result. Aims and
objectives give you and your clients, a plan to follow in an effort to
obtain an agreed upon goal. Basically, aims and objectives help you see
how well your clients are doing and how well they are going forward when
compared to what their ultimate goal is.

Your clients’ aims are
their strength to work out. Wanting to get in the gym is the first big
step. By becoming a personal trainer, you’re the key to trigger your
clients’ goals. If you do not set goals and objectives with your
clients, their dedication to work out may shrink over time. Goals are
very influential motivators. If your clients, they will be
much more probable to do what is essential to attain them. People, who
set goals are much more loyal towards the required result, and without
loyalty you will have very little achievement. Goals increase
concentration and strength in both the trainer, and the client.

that client who said she needed to lose twelve pounds. Her objective
may be to: burn about 1,500 calories a day, work out for one hour,
workout five times per week, and lift weights twice a week for an hour.
She knows exactly what she wants to do and checks her goals on a daily
basis. When she wakes up in the morning, she’ll know exactly what to do.
This is much more effective then if the same woman were to wake up with
no plan, or clue where to begin.

A number of the people who
employ you will have had some type of mental or emotional issue with
their weight, and will thus be insecure of their physical fitness.
Examples are the woman who is still trying to lose her baby weight still
after fifteen years, or that man who wants to be physically fit, but is
too tied up in his work. When you set little achievable goals for
people like these and when they achieve them, they will start to feel
much more confident and upbeat about what they have the capability to
achieve. The end result will be setting new, more difficult goals all in
an effort to be even more fit. They will start looking forward to
exercising and enjoy it; and that is the biggest benefit of all.

Personal Trainer – Importance of Setting Goals

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