Changing to a Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet is the most wholesome pure nutrition you can provide to your four-legged friends. This diet is full of living nutrients and enzymes that cannot be matched by any other diet. Kibble diets and even homemade diets involve cooking the ingredients which inevitably destroys a lot of the nutrients and all of the essential enzymes. The additives and chemicals in many commercial kibble diets also have a negative effect on our pets bodies over time.

The benefits of a raw food diet are amazing. Dogs with medical issues, allergies, skin conditions, digestive disorders and other ailments can find relief and the potential for a complete recovery by switching to a healthy, clean raw food diet.

Switching your dog to this diet can prolong their life and reduce the frequency and intensity of illness and visits to the vet throughout their lives. It works by giving proper nutrition to strengthen the body and keep chemicals, additives and junk food out of their system. You can expect a longer healthier life as a result of dogs being fed raw food.

There is absolutely no better food choice for your dog than a balanced appropriate diet of raw food. Inherited from their ancestors the wolf, our domestic dogs are biologically designed to thrive on a diet of raw meat, raw bone and raw organ. Wolves and dogs share 99.8% of their mDNA sequence, which also means that they share an identical digestive system and requiring the same type of raw food diet their carnivorous canine cousins enjoy in order to reach a state of optimum health.

The domestic dog, much like the wolf, is biologically designed to eat a nutritious raw food diet. Dogs have the same feeding needs that their carnivorous ancestors have, easily identifying that this raw food being the best kind of food they need to eat in order to thrive in their life.

You may be wondering what exactly makes a dog a carnivore and how we can identify their dietary needs based on their basic anatomy and physiology.

When it comes to different ways dogs benefit from a raw food diet, we know for sure is that we do see very positive changes in dogs who are fed raw. One of the most evident changes occurs with physical condition. Our dogs coats becomes thick and shiny while fur becomes soft to the touch. 

The pigment of colours in their coat is also enhanced, which for example can make red fur rich and deep. Raw fed dogs shed less and lose that signature “dog smell” that many pet owners complain about. Raw fed dogs tend to have little odour due to the overall health of the skin and coat when opposed to eating a diet of junk and chemicals.

A dog fed on raw makes their eyes suddenly become clear and you probably hadn’t realised how dull they had become.. Their irises become more crisp and bright and the colour intensifies. Another wonderful benefit of feeding raw is dental health. Dogs that are fed raw have fresher breath, and their teeth remain clean and white. 

The act of crushing and chewing bone scrapes the teeth and stimulates the gum line. A commercial kibble meal is mashed up between the teeth and crumbles in the mouth. That chewed up kibble mash sticks to the teeth and gets caught between teeth and under the gum line (often the source of bad breath). The raw diet provides nothing that can get caught in and around the teeth; There is no residue to cause a tartar build up and gum disease.

Food allergies can often be eliminated when switched to a raw food diet. Raw food is very easy on the body and almost effortless for a dog to digest. A pure protein diet can control what the dog is exposed to while dramatically lowering the chances of being exposed to the allergens.

Digestive issues such as EPI, IBD and digestive imbalances can be helped drastically by the change to a raw food diet. Many medical conditions can see an immediate improvement when the affected dog is switched from an over-processed commercial kibble diet and given the chance to detoxify on a raw food diet. While it may not eliminate the condition entirely, it will surely help strengthen the body and may reduce the severity of symptoms or even ease some symptoms entirely.

Feeding your dog a raw food diet is easier than you may think and isn’t as time-consuming as it seems. It is also very possible and actually quite common to spend less money on a raw food diet per month than what you would spend feeding bags of commercial kibble.

When all is said and done, raw feeding for dogs is the very best diet choice for all dogs regardless of age, breed, size, medical issues and other ailments. A diet of raw meat, raw bone never cook it, and raw organ is exactly what dogs were biologically designed to eat. If you have a dog that isn’t healthy and is riddled with problems, switching your dog to raw could change their life forever.

I am Ian Ward and I have owned German Shepherd Dogs all my Life and I currently have two rescue dogs Billy and Tilly. I share Help Tips and Advice through my site

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Changing to a Raw Food Diet

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