6 Fitness Tips to Keep You in Top Form

Everyone wants to keep fit. The problem is, it can be difficult
for some to get the fitness momentum, as well as keep it. Whether you’re
already going to the gym, or trying to include fitness in your routine,
you always want to be motivated to strive to be in tiptop shape. Here
are 6 fitness tips to help keep you in top form.

Make a schedule
and responsibilities at home can put a damper on your desire to be
fitter. It’s hard to motivate yourself for a jog or a visit to the gym
if you have lots of things on your plate. The best way to squeeze a
workout in is to make a flexible schedule. Look for holes in your
current schedule. Yes, no matter how busy you are, there will always be
some time in your schedule. Even if it’s just 15 minutes. Work your way
up from that. When you start getting momentum, target a fixed schedule.
Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself making more time for the workout.

Do some dynamic stretching
decreases with age. However, if you keep your body in top form it can
help delay flexibility issues. That’s why even senior citizens are
encouraged to stretch and do mild exercises. Always include stretching
exercises in your routine. Actually, even in everyday life. Static
stretches are no longer the norm. Try dynamic stretches. This type of
stretching activity allows your muscles to move freely, thus, they get
stretched and warmed up more. Examples of dynamic stretching are arm
swings, hip twists, lunges, ankle bounces and toe touches. Make dynamic
stretches a permanent fixture in your pre and post workout routine.
Include it in your everyday life, as well. Do stretches when you wake up
in the morning. At work, after sitting for some time. You’ll find that
it will do wonders for your flexibility.

Remember to rehydrate
people will always give in to the urge to eat, but the urge to drink?
They often set it aside. What happens is they get dehydrated without
even knowing it. This is a serious hindrance to your fitness goals. Not
to mention it’s really bad for your health. Don’t forget to rehydrate.
Water always works best. If you’re doing intense sports or working out,
you’ll need to a sports drink to replace lost nutrients. Choose one
which has less sugar and calories. Also, avoid sodas and energy drinks.
Even juices, since they are usually full of sugar. This not only goes
for physical activities, but during the course of your day.

Be smart with what you eat
the word ‘diet’ and everyone is sure to cringe. But you don’t have to
go on a strict diet to be in top physical form. You just have to eat
smart. Avoid processed foods. Read labels to avoid food with too much
sodium, sugar and learn to substitute with healthier alternative. For
example, if you crave for French fries why not try sweet potatoes
instead? Or eat whole wheat bread instead of white bread? Eat yoghurt
instead of ice cream. Even the simplest substitute can have a great
effect on your health goals.

Do some cardio
is good for your heart. And it also helps you burn calories
even at a resting rate. Try to include 20-30 minutes of cardio in your
fitness routine and in everyday life. It does not have to be a run or a
session at the gym. It could be a walk home, climbing and going down a
flight of stairs or in a treadmill at home. Be sure to have a good pair
of shoes to protect your feet and maximize your cardio workout. For
instance, Reebok footwear is a good pair to start with. An online shop
is the easiest way to find Reebok shoes. If you’re on a budget you can
also be lucky enough to spot Reebok discounts online.

Remember to live life
it’s great to be disciplined and keep your fitness goals in mind, don’t
let it stop you from enjoying life. Eat the foods you like, like pizza
and burgers. The trick is not to binge. Don’t consider these as comfort
food, but an occasional treat. This way, you’ll curb any craving for
such foods.

Also, take time off from your schedule to get out. Go
on a night out or vacation with friends or a partner. Remember that
fitness does not only refer to your physical, but your emotional and
mental health as well. So don’t forget to live life to the fullest.

6 Fitness Tips to Keep You in Top Form

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