Cleansing The Body Of Toxins Relates To Weight Loss

Why is it so important to cleanse our bodies? We are in a true
health crisis. Doctors and health professionals are seeing a decline in
America’s health. We are seeing an increase in hospitalizations, and
diagnostic dilemmas. Children are increasingly becoming sick.

is undeniable research linking disease to toxins. Toxins in all forms
have been linked to cancer in all forms. Toxins have been linked to
auto immune diseases like fibromyalgia, lupus, and birth defects.

toxins are we putting into our bodies? Preservatives, pesticides,
herbicides, chemicals, bacteria. Our drinking and bathing water is in
the news with drugs and chemicals. The long term effects are becoming
apparent. And what about the pollution in the air we breath? PAH toxin
comes from anything that burns – grills, cigarette smoke, some truck
and car fumes. This toxin has been shown to break down the protective
gene that protects women from breast cancer.

What about the chemicals in cosmetics, hair dyes, and household cleaning supplies?

And animals…injected with hormones. Or industrial dumping in landfills…coupled with the depleted mineral base in our soil.

We live on a nutritionally depleted diet …with a body living in a toxic mess. It’s not a good situation.

3 BILLION prescriptions were prescribed last year to deal with these
sick Americans. Patients are jumping from Doctor to doctor, with more
tests and medications. Toxicity is the leading cause of this exploding

And…on top of this it is now reported that 81% of our
nation is overweight. Childhood obesity is going up each and every
year. 18 MILLION children are obese. This a health issue, not a
cosmetic issue. Type 2 diabetes, a disease, is having younger
and younger onset.

We have to do something about this…for ourselves and our children.

What is the relationship between toxins and fat..?

our body takes in toxins it manufactures more fat, and retains water,
as a protective mechanism to prevent breakdown. In 1935 only 20% of
Americans were overweight. Each year toxins increase. Over 60 diseases
have been linked to obesity. And, most of those result in death.

What to you have to do to cleanse and maintain the body.?

body may look good on the outside…but the REAL question is what is
going on internally in this nutritionally deplete toxic soup we live in?

you’re lean you may say…”I don’t need to cleanse…that’s for
overweight people”. The reality is that you are even more at risk from
toxic damage. The toxins immediately circulate though your body and
deposit in the vital organs such as the liver, prostate tissue, brain
tissue, and mammary tissue.

It’s not a matter of if you are going
to get sick…it’s a matter of when. The body can only handle so much
toxicity before it begins to break down. You need to flush these toxins
from the body. We are not talking about a colon cleanse here…this is
a cellular cleanse…first cleaning out the main filter in the
body…the liver.

Think about it logically. The liver is the main
filter in the body. What happens when you don’t clean or change
filters in your car, dryer, furnace, pool or spa..?

And, while cleaning your body of these toxins…think of the benefit of this coupled with a very high nutritional program..?

no one product can help these problems…there are programs that are a
step in the right direction. It is important that we all do something
to improve and support our health, and the health of our children.

are nutritional and cleanse programs and consumed along with a balanced
diet and overall fitness program can result in huge changed in overall
health and wellness.

In my opinion the Isagenix technology is the
best nutritional replacement and cleansing program out there. Numerous
Medical Doctors now use the program in their practice. Many prominent
authors such as Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup books is a Isagenix
promoter. In fact…Dr. John Gray famous for the Mars/Venus
books…wrote a book featuring the Isagenix program called “The Mars
Venus Diet and Exercise Solution.”

Cleansing and better nutrition
can allow the body to heal itself, and become all it can be. More
information can be found at [].

Carl Anderson is a nutritionist and health advocate.

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Cleansing The Body Of Toxins Relates To Weight Loss

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