How Home Elderly Exercise Programs Are Beneficial For Senior Citizens

As a modernized society, we’ve come to understand a great deal about living and the human body at all ages. In response to such advancement in knowledge, one of the benefiting parties is the senior citizen. In our case in point, the specific benefit is that of having access to what are known today as elderly home exercise programs.

Mostly, these programs consist of directed exercise routines and overall physical activity management. In most cases, they are administered by a professional coach in a residential or group home setting. In many other cases, however, the senior may manage their routine independently.

Exercises, Progression

The exercises and techniques utilized in such a program may, in fact, vary as much as the individual being served. One individual may require added lower body activity and at a heightened rate. Another person, on the other hand, might need accurate arm and shoulder exercises for some reason, and at a very light pace. Whole-body programs are also quite common.

Progression and adaptation are additional strengths of such home exercise programs. Because of their individualized application and parameters from one individual to another, direct adaptation to physical needs of the senior at that time can be applied. Change can be tracked and thus adapted to from one minute or one session to the next.

For example, Joe, a senior in New York utilizes a service called “Elderly Home Exercise Program NYC.” He has been excelling and moving on via this home program from a recent back injury. However, he then fell and experienced some additional leg injuries. To adapt, his home exercise coordinator then works with doctor advice and Joe to adopt a new schedule and routine to his new and very sensitive needs.

The Benefits

So, what exactly are the specific benefits to such home-based elderly exercise programs? In essence, these programs, if followed correctly, can have all of the advantages of regular exercise and physical activity that are appropriate to one’s age and condition. This is with the additional benefit of professional guidance and oversight. Here are some of the scientifically-backed benefits of such physical activity for the elderly, in our case, as conducted by way of home elderly exercise programs.


We all know that it does take some energy to exercise or even perform very light activity. However, did you know that studies show even a light activity regimen can give one more energy? The official figures cited by the study were an estimated 20% in energy increase after even light activity.

Better Overall Feeling, Wellness

Aside from just heightened energy, study after study has shown that seniors and all other age groups also benefit in some other, often immeasurable ways concerning overall self-feelings and the sense of well-being. Psychologically and physically, the body is better with use, particularly since an instrument against aging. Much is already known, but science is still learning about this combined matter of body chemistry, psychology, and physiology.


Longevity, or the aptitude to be able to live long and healthily, has been proven time and time again to be directly associated with exercise and maintaining some level of physical activity. Typical home sessions can run anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. As science has shown, even the most basic and brief, daily activities can lead to some longevity improvements.

Heightened Immune Response

Officially, this is not proven, however, it is strongly theorized that the immune system, like the rest of the body, benefits directly from physical activity. Some science points to the involved use of the lungs and a sort of flushing of bacteria when worked. Other research points to directly related changes to white blood cells and immuno-response mechanisms. One can be fairly certain, though, that one day over the horizon, proof will likely come that illustrates the heightened immune response to physical activity.

Home programs for elderly exercise and health are beneficial in some ways. These programs oversee and administer just the right amount of activity for any body, at any age. These are the basics of these programs and their associated benefits.

For more information on the best elderly home exercise program NYC has to offer, or just some generalities on the subject, please feel free to reach out to us today.

Marjorie Jaffe is a Senior Personal Trainer in NYC who specializes in home personal training programs with seniors and the elderly. Learn more by visiting her website at

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How Home Elderly Exercise Programs Are Beneficial For Senior Citizens

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